Dec 04, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with an old friend from VCU and her fiancé at Amber Grove (the venue for their 2015 wedding!). We have collaborated in the past on a lot of great projects** and it is always a wonderful experience to work with her. So it came to no surprise that when it came to Sarah and Dale’s session, we would have a great time. If you’ve been keeping up with my Facebook you have already seen some of the images from our time together but I thought I’d share some more.


Sarah and Dale are a perfect match for each other and I think that these images really show how in love they are! They compliment each other so well and I couldn’t be happier for them. And did I forget to mention Stella? Isn’t their pup adorable?







I will be back Friday with Part 2 because I couldn’t narrow it down, they are just that photogenic! Be sure to Like Stephen Turner Photography on Facebook in order to keep up with Sarah & Dale’s story!


**Sarah might kill me for sharing this but here is something we did together our Freshman year of College! Can you believe we made this inflatable washer and dryer set out of garbage bags?!